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Tips for NZ website owners to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

June 15th, 2018

GDPR has been the topic of so many news articles, tech blogs, and privacy policy updates – but what does it really mean for New Zealand businesses? If you have customers in Europe, or recruit from Europe, this issue is particularly relevant. All website owners should be proactive. Even if your target market is not […]

Google algorithm update impacts exact match domains

October 4th, 2012

Matt Cutts announced a new Google Algorithm update which affects exact match domains.

21 life lessons for success

November 8th, 2011

Enjoy an interesting expose on 21 Life Lessons learned as a competitive hang gliding pilot on the world circuit and as Advertising Agency owner for 15 years. Heartfelt and motivating.

Company Facebook page vs web site – Where to concentrate your online efforts

October 3rd, 2011

Should you build your online profile through your company Facebook page, or through your web site? This blog explores the dilemma facing marketers and gives answers.

Is it time to use smart phones in your marketing mix?

April 26th, 2011

Up to 50% are predicted to own a smartphone by Christmas 2011. Is it time to integrate mobile phone marketing into your marketing budget? How?

Facebook and Twitter activity affects web page rankings

April 26th, 2011

Facebook and Twitter activity do affect the organic rankings of Google and Bing. This article summarises the clues on the key factors that are used to affect the authority and the trust of the site.

Why mobile phones will be the key marketing tool of 2011

April 5th, 2011

Why mobile phone marketing will be the key tool for 2011. Recent impressions from trip abroad.

The #1 mistake companies make with web site key words

March 29th, 2011

The number one mistake companies make with site keywords is guessing what phrase will be the top phrase to optimise their site on. Here’s why this is a dangerous strategy.

Online spend up 26% – now third top media in NZ

March 18th, 2011

The 2010 NZ ad spend results are just out and reveal that online advertising is now the third top medium, after newspaper and television. Online advertising grew by more than 26 percent last year. Click to view.

Who should have a corporate Facebook page?

December 1st, 2010

What emphasis should you put on building your web site versus your Facebook page? Who should create a Facebook page?

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