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Google Home service ads, a new era for smaller service providers.

October 13th, 2015

It is 12:30 am. You come home from a party and you see a leak in your kitchen. Frantically grabbing your phone or computer, you start searching for “24 hours Plumbers near you”. You see pages and pages of results and names. Which one do you pick? Which one is qualified enough to do the job? Do you have time to read a review or two about the service they offer? Well it’s not a fun at that hour, and this may be a little far-fetched, but read on and you’ll get the idea that Google is onto creating a solution for this scenario.
Google is entering a new market with their ads called “Google Home Service Ads”. They are not looking so much at emergencies, as home service providers such as plumbers and locksmiths. Although this service has only been tested in San Francisco, it apparently will not be long until it is introduced to other markets. To start with, you can search for “San Francisco Plumbers” and see the results. Your search results will look like this:

home service ads 1

With Google home service ads, Google provides the details of qualified professionals as well as any ratings or reviews (if available), right on the top of the first page search results. You read it correctly; it said qualified! This means every single company advertising with Google home service ads must go through rigorous background and criminal checks, hold a valid licence as well as insurance. Google will then approves their quality of service and presents them to users.
By displaying reviews and ratings for each of the services, users can simply compare services, read reviews and make a decision. You can also request a quote from any of these service providers right from the ad platform. You can contact up to 3 service providers at the same time using Google’s contact form, saving time and getting a faster response. This feature allows users to get multiple quotes for the same job and will enable Google to make some money by referrals.

home service ads 2


This service is potentially “a game changer”, according to Dr. Pete Meyers of Moz. “It will be a great help to users, amazing for home service providers and a big competition for companies such as Yelp.” There is a lot of speculation around the service, but the beta test results showed promising results in terms of user acceptance. Let us wait and see if Google decides to release this in other markets as well.
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Mehdi is digital project manager at Alexanders who manages the website projects. He has about six years of digital and mobile marketing experience, he helps our clients to achieve their online goals.    Mehdi Bartari

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