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Google launches Create, a variation of Pinterest for “intelligentsia”

March 29th, 2016

Newly launched Google+ Create (March 2016), is a kind of Pinterest for intelligentsia. Whereas Pinterest is visually-oriented, largely design-based and appeals mainly to women, Google Create allows themed boards of relevant content on a topic, that you can share, and has no gender bias from a content point of view. So in Pinterest, you might have a board called “home decor” and pin some shots of funky decorating you like from other people’s boards, to create a collection of pictures much like an online scrapbook.

In Google Create, you create boards of relevant content, so you might have a board on “search engine optimisation” and collate some of your favourite authored blogs on the topic along with other referenced articles. Google Create is in fact an extension of Google Collections, launched last May. Create rewards and celebrates Google+ users who have mastered the art of putting Collections together. Members of Google+ Create receive a verified profile, early access to new features, a private channel with the Google+ team and special audience-building opportunities.

The Collections feature allows users to group posts together. The idea behind this feature is to encourage users to connect with each other through a shared interest in any given topic. Collections give you the choice between public or private posts. This means you can share ideas with either a specific circle of people, or broadcast your Collection to Google+ users all over the world.

Sample page of Google Collections.

If you have an active audience on Google+, you can use this feature to organise posts in a way that can separate out interests, highlight different aspects of what you do, or simply filter a post’s audience by topic. Older posts can also be added to a collection, so now may be the perfect time to tidy up your Google+ profile.


A sample page of Google’s new offering: Create

It may come as no surprise that this valuable title isn’t open to anyone, but rather comes with a series of criteria. Members are expected to have themed collections, high quality content and new posts on a weekly basis. Google+ describes the ideal members as “Makers, artists, explorers, mavens” who are bound together by a passion for what they do.

Some say Google is trying to imitate Pinterest and step in that area of business, especially after launch of Create. This might be a response to Pinterest launching a search capability through its main website in order to allow its 100 million active users to search with details that include hashtags and tags. The recent move by Google might be a move towards Pinterest’s target audience, but I think they serve two different purposes. Users describe Pinterest an experience and not a social networking platform. Rachel Alexander describes the way she uses Pinterest much like the way she reads a magazine. Instead of cutting and pasting into scrapbooks (art, garden, home decor etc), she “pins” to Pinterest boards on each topic. She is researching playgrounds and school landscaping for her son’s school, and other school board members can see her ideas on specific boards.

However, the Google Create fills a gap for intelligent articles on specific themes more from a content/article point of view. “It takes the good ideas from Google’s author idea (since abandoned) so you can see multiple articles that a person has posted on a specific theme.

There is a distinct difference in the offerings of Google and Pinterest which make these two platforms different and relevant. We look forward to using the new Google feature ourselves and will report back to you on how successful it is at generating relevant followers.

Pinterest layout

Mehdi is digital project manager at Alexanders who manages the website projects. He has about six years of digital and mobile marketing experience, he helps our clients to achieve their online goals.    Mehdi Bartari

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