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“New Zealand consumers don’t just go online. They live online”

November 19th, 2015

Social networkingIn September 2015, Google reported that 88%* of people in New Zealand use a smartphone (87%* of these people using them daily). This reflects the global trend that the internet is at the very heart of everything consumers do. 87%* of Kiwis use smartphones daily, which has caused an increase of mobile searches, including popular of “near me” searches (e.g. café near me, petrol station near me).

With faster, and more readily available internet, Kiwi’s are relying on the internet more and more when shopping. The research process is heavily dependent on internet, with 53%* of people using the internet in their recent purchase journeys. In particular 58%* of people use online sources to research prices before shopping in store, and 33%* looking for product/service availability at different locations (no one wants to turn up to a shop to find the item you want isn’t in stock!).

New Zealand consumers aren’t just researching online, but more people are spending time watching online videos, such as YouTube. Between 46%-57%* of people are watching online videos (at least once a week) across all devices, whether it be computer, tablets or smartphones. The majority of the time videos are being watched in home, however almost 30%* of video watching happens out of home. Many people assume that the majority of people watching online video content would be the younger generations. However, 70%* of all Kiwi internet users watch online videos at least weekly.

So, ask yourself, are you catering to your consumers online habits? Is your site mobile optimised/responsive? Are you using mobile optimised advertising and specific phrases?

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* https://think.storage.googleapis.com/docs/consumer-barometer-new-zealand.pdf

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