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Contextual and introspective, a brand’s power is immense. Nurture it. Protect it. Branding is your weapon of choice in establishing and retaining competitive advantage. At Alexanders, we help you relegate the competition by encapsulating your core values in a singularly powerful proposition based on market insight.  X.square180pix branding agency

Branding design approach

Alexanders’ approach is a unique method of developing a powerful brand architecture that will create enduring value for your business and form a platform to underpin and give cohesion to all marketing communications. It’s about forward thinking and future proofing your identify. [See also logo design]

Most companies are good at short-term tactical marketing initiatives but rarely get around to working on the more important longer-term aspects of branding and identity. A brand that makes a compelling connection aimed straight at the consumer’s heart is, after-all, the ultimate way to premium profit generation.

A full suite of brand management tools maintains complete brand integrity through consistent communications that are unmistakably yours and unquestionably right, so yours is the brand your customers instinctively choose to be surrounded by.

 Corporate branding

Getting your external communications right is a major milestone, but pointless unless those inside your organization are captivated and empowered to deliver on the promise. We think of this as ‘beyond branding’ – where the inside meets the outside.  Talk to us about brand workshops to identify your core essence, as a foundation for your corporate communication themes.

It is often the case that established companies need to rationalise and tidy a proliferation of sub brands.  As an experienced brand agency, working with corporates through to small businesses, Alexanders can guide you on a range of identity challenges from tidying your brand portfolio to creating a new brand identity.

Branding services

  • Branding design & development – logo, corporate identity, slogan, rationalization of a family of product logos 
  • Corporate brand workshops – facilitating workshops to produce a Brand Architecture (what you stand for diagram) with senior execs to articulate your brand, define values, and describe core essence 
  • Brand specs manuals – from simple to large scale, we design manuals for correct brand use, stationery, and advertising layouts for international distributors 
  • Stationery, calendars, vehicles, trade show stands, indoor and outdoor signage
  • Online brand management: web sites, Facebook pages, social media strategy 
  • Print material such as Annual reports, brochures, flyers
  • Office fitout branding: bringing your office reception and staff room walls alive through graphic design of core brand elements  - see examples of reception branding
  • Brand profile raising: advertising campaigns – online, offline, text, television 
  • Branding audits – review of all brand collateral against your Brand Architecture

"The brand is a tribal signifier, a way of demonstrating good taste and a membership in the elite. People pay extra partly for the privilege of paying extra.

Elites (of all kinds) still desire a way to demonstrate their inclusion into certain groups, groups that aren't open to all. And human beings still seek out the best of something, the item that carries with it the magic of a trained hand, of a bespoke origin and of the nostalgia for the special thing we remember."  Extracted from Seth Godin's blog.

Cluster and save with these popular branding modules

1. Branding identity (logo) + business cards + letterhead + stationery

2. Logo + pdf specs sheets

3. Brand essence workshops + brand onion (values diagram) + brand rationale booklet + screen saver for staff + brand induction booklet for new staff.  Companies with whom we have done brand workshops on core essence: Skyline, Skope, Tait, Dynamic Controls, Harmans, Ravensdown, Croys Accountants, Ashburton Trust, Gale Pacific

Contact us about updating your brand identity, see our branding checklist (useful if you are looking at upgrading your brand) or view our Creative Portfolio with samples of our branding design.


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