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Christchurch & Canterbury Convention Bureau designs

Alexanders was commissioned to develop a theme and look for marketing conferences to Christchurch.  The theme was "Christchurch & Canterbury - Inspired & Unexpected".  The ads featured juxtapositions between Dignified & Quirky (Punting by band rotunda, drama characters from a festival), Fast & Furious (rafting and Patrick Duffy taking off the expression on a gargoyle), and Work and Play (conference venue, and swimming with the dolphins).

“We are absolutely thrilled with the design and the supporting advertising campaign. We've had hugely positive feedback from our clients, industry and our Business Partners who appreciate it's fresh design that transcends the average tourism approach. We are especially delighted to see how it stands out well from competitor destination advertising.” Annette, Chch & Canterbury Convention Burea

Christchurch International Airport Campaign

Hermitage Cookbook design and advertising

was time to upgrade the Hermitage Cook Book, a great gift for wholesalers and also a good seller in the gift shop. Alexanders handled The Hermitage account for seven years, including regional seasonal advertising, large trade show displays for TRENZ, emarketing, and web site templates.

Rare Fare flyer

A new delicatessen stocking food sourced from boutique producers all over the country was located set back from the street. Owners wanted to increase its regular client base. Alexanders developed four different headlines to trial on sandwich boards to determine which would generate best conversion. We coached a promoter who handed the flyer with coupon out to selected Merivale/Fendalton residents, put them on windscreens, and also did a letterbox drop.



 Hiking NZ brochure design



 Millennium Hotel Pack design

Skyline Gondola brochure

This new look was launched at TRENZ 2007 with a high impact trade show stand and DLE tourism brochures.  It has been rolled out into directory adverts and business cards.


Skyline Gondola Pass Card

The client wanted their existing Gondola Pass Card template that we designed uplifted, giving it a fresh look for 2008.

Skyline Stationery

Using Skyline’s existing creative style, we applied these same design elements across multiple stationery items ensuring the core essence of the brand was captured.

 pic required  pic required

Rydges menu design

Rydges Hotel required new bar and restaurant menus, that could be updated easily. We designed a laminated cover and updateable templates for the wine list and menu

V-base coffee table book design

NCC New Zealand (now called V-base) incorporating the Convention Centre, Westpac Centre and Christchurch Town Hall, wanted a coffee table book for the top 1000 corporate executives around Asia to promote its conference facilities in Christchurch. The theme was “a perfect fit” using shoes and tailoring i.e. whatever the occasion, there was a venue that was the perfect fit. With generous support from Pak World, details included embossed and foiled designs which won us a Gold at the Pride in Print Awards.





Rydges menu design

Rydges Hotel required new bar and restaurant menus, that could be updated easily. We designed a laminated cover and updateable templates for the wine list and menu




Digital news of the month.

Google Green Ads!

Not long ago Google changed the colour of their ads from yellow to green, you may remember the "Ads" symbol on the first couple of lines of results indicating an advertisement; yes that is what has been changed. You might ask "this is not a major change, why is it important?"

Now the ads are very similar to the organic search results, this means number of clicks on the ads can potentially increase. This comes a month after Google started to show more ads on top and bottom of the first search result page. One might say, Google is looking to make more money and help more business to be found through ads. Yet comparing to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, Google's green ads are easier to spot.

Google launched green ads first in USA and then in Europe, interestingly enough the results are showing some slight change in the click through rates (CTR) on the new design, maybe a good news to advertisers to get more traffic for their money after all. 

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