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Croys Staff Awards

Croys took their staff to Wellington for a planning day and surprised them with a cocktail awards function to recognise performance in a fun and light-hearted way. Some of the nominees for tonight's awards are: "Scandalous Success" , "Bean there and done that" , "Tricks of the Trade" , "Ps & Qs".

Harmans Referral Card

Referrals from professionals are an important source on new business for Harmans Lawyers. Their innovative referral programme had more potential and was documented in a natty business card for staff to use in networking.


Fair City Finance ad

It was time to update the yellow pages ads we did for Fair City many years ago, which had passed their use by date. These striking ads used white knock out, illustration and a powerful headline to stand out in the cluttered finance pages.

Mutual Credit Finance Investment Campaign

Although 50 years old, MCF had never needed to promote itself but Provincial etc’s collapse had dented general confidence. The 50th birthday was a good credibility builder, and a six figure cheque the day after the first ad was testament to the researched copy hitting the spot.

Admiral Finance Yellow Pages

Trialing a series of three different ads with different styles, sizes and headlines enabled this savvy entrepreneur to multiply the results from his yellow pages investment in ensuing years.


 South Canterbury Finance television commercials

Having done a lot of work with Canterbury Finance, we were recommended to South Canterbury Finance and created a television campaign to unite the different regional brands across the country. Have a look here and here.


Digital news of the month.

Google Green Ads!

Not long ago Google changed the colour of their ads from yellow to green, you may remember the "Ads" symbol on the first couple of lines of results indicating an advertisement; yes that is what has been changed. You might ask "this is not a major change, why is it important?"

Now the ads are very similar to the organic search results, this means number of clicks on the ads can potentially increase. This comes a month after Google started to show more ads on top and bottom of the first search result page. One might say, Google is looking to make more money and help more business to be found through ads. Yet comparing to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, Google's green ads are easier to spot.

Google launched green ads first in USA and then in Europe, interestingly enough the results are showing some slight change in the click through rates (CTR) on the new design, maybe a good news to advertisers to get more traffic for their money after all. 

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