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Alexanders is a small, integrated team of vibrant, multi-talented and genuine people with high integrity and a great attitude. As individuals, we perpetuate an achieving and happy environment which is personally fulfilling, and which empowers us to contribute to and share in the success of Alexanders’ and that of our clients. However Alexanders is not for every aspiring ad exec and creative.

I look for straight-up, grounded people who are confident in their field at their level, willing to contribute ideas and also to respect different points of view. Sometimes that means a favoured creative concept does not win out or requires tweaking. The best work is often a team effort, team being suit, writer, creative, client and sometimes end customer. Please do not apply if you cannot handle debate on your own work and change course when the consensus is not favourable!

Moaning behind someone’s back is counter-productive to office morale. As is sulking if you don’t get your way! I look for people who are willing to say their piece if something is bothering them, and who have the maturity to raise issues directly with individuals concerned.

I believe successful advertising is advertising that produces a measurable return for clients’ investment. Granted it may take time to test and tweak creative to maximise return. If you do not believe that creative needs to produce results, then you won’t align with our culture. If you see a glass half full, are willing to learn poker, and have some quirky life experience to bring to our team, then you might fit in perfectly.



We do NOT offer internships. Emails requesting internships will not be considered.

International applicants

We only offer positions to people whom we have met face to face in an interview and already have a working visa or residency.


We use freelance copywriters for campaign concepts, names, ads, brochure/web content etc. Please advise your areas of expertise, send some samples of your work and advise your hourly rate.


I look for either someone with design flair (Art Directors) or someone with speedy reliable Mac skills.



Highly energetic, outgoing “people” people, with minimum three years experience in an ad agency or marketing role. Marketing degree advantageous.


We no longer have a Production Manager role, since advances in Project Management Software have made this role redundant. Whilst accredited for Print and Yellow Pages, our media spend is not significant enough to offer a dedicated Media role. We place direct with media or for TV through Media 360 in Auckland and Australia who have the full suite of analysis tools and extremely competitive buying power.

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