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Build your brand profile with Chinese marketing strategies including WeChat advertising, Chinese social media campaigns, advertising in NZ Chinese media, and PR to Chinese in China. Access expertise to guide and support your digital journey into the Chinese market.

  • Exporters: build your brand profile and engage directly with your Chinese customers
  • NZ businesses: reach 300,000 Chinese residents living in New Zealand plus 40,000 students
  • Tourism operators: get your share of 400,000 Chinese tourists 

Chinese Social Media


Connect with China through WeChat

With more than 950 million active users (70% of the Chinese population), WeChat has been the most popular app and social media since it's release in 2011 by the Chinese internet giant Tencent (HKG:0700). Together with QQ and Qzone, Tencent owns the top three Chinese social media platforms and is the fourth largest internet company in the world after Google, Facebook and Amazon.

More than 50% of WeChat users spend at least 90 minutes a day on WeChat and a typical user sends out more than 70 messages on WeChat each day.

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Social Media Account Establishment & Posts

Tencent requires a rigorous setup process which is not for the faint-hearted! Alexanders will advise you on all the necessary documents for registration and recommend structure/pages for your account. Ecommerce options available.

Based on your brief, we will then create a unique client account for your business and translate your content if required. We can also help create a content calendar around Chinese events and festivals, as well as assist you with translation and correspondence until you find your feet.



Chinese web design & hosting

Rather than translate your existing .co.nz site, we recommend building a Chinese web site that is hosted in Hong Kong, to make it downloadable in China (NZ sites are slow and not generally indexed by Baidu).

Chinese PR

We can facilitate dispatch of your news to China-based media and demonstrate uptake within a week. We can also help to shape and translate your content.

Concept testing

Talk to us about getting one-on-on or group feedback from Chinese in China on your products and services.

Chinese Digital Advertising


 Chinese Media Print & Mags

Advertise on WeChat, QZone, QQ, WeChat moments

Reaching Chinese in China: Just like Google and Facebook, Tencent (the fourth largest internet company in the world after Google, Facebook and Amazon) also offers advertising services for brands and businesses to reach potential customers. WeChat is the most well known TenCent platform in the west, but exploring the market and finding the right niche is crucial for any digital campaign... Learn about Tencent's major Chinese media platforms

Reaching Chinese in NZ: There is a big domestic market for Chinese domestic travellers from Auckland (over 171,000 in Akld excluding international students). Plus there is a website that reaches 80% of all domestic Chinese in NZ.



Advertise in local Chinese media including newspapers, television and radio as well as real estate magazine

Reach local Chinese through local Chinese radio, televeision and publications (Chinese Herald reaches circulation of 10,000 in Auckland, published four times week - and the Christchurch equivalent reaches 7,000 in Christchurch).

We can help you reach tourists and locals for real estate through an upmarket Chinese local magazine and Chinese print flyers via AA and iSite centres.

advertise on wechat

Ad Creation and Translation

Our design team and writers can suggest ideas, develop creative and translate it for the campaign or you can provide your own pictures, text or existing ads for resizing or translation. Chinese love vouchers and offers.


wechat advertising

Media Placement and Budget Setting

Get traction and build your following with ad placement on your selected platform (equivalent to YouTube, Facebook, Stuff, NZ Herald etc.), set to an appropriate budget. Not sure what to budget? Alexanders can guide you on targetting options which include region, gender, age, interest group etc.


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Chinese Marketing Specialists

Rach corp 114 px

Rachel founded Alexanders Digital Marketing, a team of 9, 20 years ago. Rachel has Mandarin and Commerce degrees, though hasn't spent enough time in China to be fluent.  With hundreds of digital campaigns under her belt, she is a good partner to shape your Chinese digital strategy and support your journey.  

  ivycui BW 170

Ivy Cui is from Xian in China and curates content for a number of Chinese social media accounts. Having worked in a souvenir shop, she brings strong cultural knowledge of how Chinese in China and visitors in NZ use media.  Ivy brings fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese, and proven success at formulating regular posts that also generate ecommerce sales.  


Why Choose Alexanders?

  • Alexanders Digital Marketing was the first Tencent accredited advertising agency in New Zealand. We can place campaigns in multiple Chinese channels.

  • Fast track your success, leveraging over 20 years of marketing campaign knowledge and native Chinese-born team member who understands cultural nuances.
  • Introduce specialist skills into your business with our team of professional digital marketers - without the burden of hiring additional staff.
  • Certified Google Partners & Tencent certified advertising agency.

Explore how you can reach the Chinese market



Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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