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Modern digital databases allow even more precise targeting than earlier databases.   You have the choice of email, text and traditional phone/postal records, but now with more specific selection criteria than ever before.



You can't go past keeping your name up there with a regular enewsletter.  We set up many clients with email marketing systems and templates, that are easy for you to manage with minor input from us going forward.  The system comes with plugine for your Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a tidy "subscribe" module you can add to your website footer. Above is an example of our own enewsletter template.  Subscribe below to see it in action!

Student campaign

Target: University students of three NZ universities, about to graduate, who might be interested in teacher training,
Client: NZ Graduate School of Eduation
Database: Opt in database. Segmented males and females aged 20-21, in three regions, with an interest in study.  Also seached these email addresses for university suffixes. Sent html email sent out from the opt in brand.  25% click through rate.

Shoppers in mall catchment

Target: residents near Paraparamu
Client: Coastlands Mall
Database: local shoppers aged 13-65 were invited to text entries to a competition to win ipads etc.  Used ongoing local radio and newspaper contracts to promote campaign. Bounce back text offered second entry for email addresses.  Generated largest ever response to competition with a solid database for cost-effective ongoing text and emarketing.

Building product campaign

Target: architects and specifiers
Client: Flashman window and door flashings
Database: this market subscribes to an online specification resource manual.  We were able to reach them via the regular newsletter, blog posts, ads on the home page of the site.

Credit card personal loans

Target: Employed people aged 25-40 who own a home, in major cities in NZ; second hit to only those who hold middle management positions
Client: Diners Club
Database: cross referenced lifestyle database with census information to get occupation, age and mortgage status.  Telemarketed and emailed.


Target: parents of kids at preschool and primary school, grandparents, teachers
Client: Every Educaid
Database: social media database of parents of children over 3 and under 10, kindergarten teachers and preschool teachers; grandparents aged over 55.  We also have access to the database that delivers packs to new mums in hospitals.


Target: boys and girls aged 13-18 who play soccer in 6 cities in Sth America and Asia.
Client: Asia Pacific Football Academy
Database: online database by age with students having an interest in soccer.
Reached over 9 million youths in this market in a very cost-effective campaign.

Over 50's

Target: wealthy investors
Client: Bradley Nuttall Wealth management
Database: a kiwi website that has the largest share of traffic of over 50 year olds.  This site has a regular newsletter and columns on specific topics.  We posted a topical article, linking to it from several newsletters.

Updating existing client database

Target: sheep, beef, dairy farmers and pet owners, all existing clients
Client: VetEnt
Database: used own database to post out letters with incentive for clients to update address details, and provide email and texts.  Rationalised database to interested customers for conception of regular emarketing and potential text reminders.

Please get in touch to describe your target market and we will suggest some options of how you can reach this market using digital direct marketing and contemporary databases.

Digital news of the month.

Google Green Ads!

Not long ago Google changed the colour of their ads from yellow to green, you may remember the "Ads" symbol on the first couple of lines of results indicating an advertisement; yes that is what has been changed. You might ask "this is not a major change, why is it important?"

Now the ads are very similar to the organic search results, this means number of clicks on the ads can potentially increase. This comes a month after Google started to show more ads on top and bottom of the first search result page. One might say, Google is looking to make more money and help more business to be found through ads. Yet comparing to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, Google's green ads are easier to spot.

Google launched green ads first in USA and then in Europe, interestingly enough the results are showing some slight change in the click through rates (CTR) on the new design, maybe a good news to advertisers to get more traffic for their money after all. 

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