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facebook advertising

You can do a Facebook advertising promotion without a Facebook company page, but you do get a higher click through if you drive people to a Facebook page rather than off Facebook to your website.This is because ads show with people you know who already "like" your page, increasing the likelihood of clickthrough.

We rate Facebook advertising as one of the most cost-effective media at the moment, with advertising pricing well below Google. Like Google AdWords, you pay when someone clicks your ads.

A useful addition is a competition module so you can capture contact details, as it is illegal to run a campaign on Facebook with incentives just to like your page.

UniMed Health Insurance

social media marketing unimed 2


We setup their Facebook page and started a campaign to promote their newest health insurance plan, aimed at people 20+.

We promoted the campaign to people who liked outdoor activities, sports and health & wellbeing.social media marketing unimed facebook advertising

New Zealand Taxi Federation

social media marketing taxifed


With the introduction of Uber to the NZ market, we setup the New Zealand Taxi Federations Facebook page and started a campaign to promote benefits of using taxis, including the safety and general news pieces. 

We began by promoting a piece about a new Taxi trial on Grafton Bridge to people in Auckland & Waikato, creating a conversation around the 1 year trial.

taxifed hm


Dive HQ Christchurch

Dive HQ facebook ad campaign


For DiveHQ Christchurch we ran a number of campaigns, to both friends of their page and the wider Canterbury region.

We promoted their Easter sales, Dive Instructor courses and the local Careers Expo. 

Dive HQ 3


facebook vet4

Campaign to pet owners.

Target: cat and dog owners, in regions where VetEnt has a clinic
Product: flea treatments

facebook vetfacebook vet3

Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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