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Web design that looks good, but gets no traffic, is pointless. At Christchurch firm Alexanders Internet Marketing, you'll find an objective web design team that can not only design, build or refine web sites, but a team that has specialist expertise in marketing web sites to generate a consistent stream of leads.

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You get the flexibility of staying or moving from your existing web provider. We are happy to work with existing websites or programmers where you are happy with the technical performance but want more marketing oomph.

New web design

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Create a professional first impression with a stylish, completely new web design that shows the hand of our expert Christchurch designers. View our portfolio of web designs.

Web re-design or reskin


When the back end works well but your front end is dated, we can design a new skin and put life into your site using the existing back end and your existing web supplier. This is a cost effective solution for a refresh where there is no need to rebuild the entire web site.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Reduce ongoing website maintenance costs with a content management system that allows you to control and update content yourself. Your changes are published immediately. Alexanders specialises in Joomla! content management systems.

Ongoing website marketing support

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When your website goes 'live' we continue working with you to develop ideas to generate traffic to your website, and to ensure its ranking on Google remains high on specific key words and phrases for your industry type.

Commitment to ongoing growth

web design christchurch

At Alexanders, we're committed to building relevant traffic and providing a natural course of action designed to generate enquiry or sale. We integrate Analyticis and work with you to identify high exit pages where you are losing traffic, and keywords that are being used to search for your product categories, picking the popular ones to integrate into your navigation and menu structure. Our copywriter uses a 15 point formula for converting visitors into leads.

Internet Marketing

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50% of people getting web sites designed also invest in internet marketing. What trail are you leaving on the internet for people to find your web site? Tap into our 12 step approach to effective internet marketing. From Google Adwordsonline advertising, email marketing, and pay per click advertising to blogs, article submission and social media strategy, Alexanders Internet Marketing can suggest a range of options to deliver more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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There are two stages to improving your position; on-site optimization where we use keyword analysis and technical updates to tweak content on your existing site to build traffic, and "off-site optimisation" such as link building, article submission, posting links on discussion forums to improve your presence on the world wide web. Talk to us about a Search Engine Optimisation Plan. For objective web design and online marketing expertise that gets results contact us, or phone our Christchurch web design team on 03 3488 477 today.

Building your site is all very well, but what "scent" or trail have you left that will enable prospects to find you on the internet?

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When your website goes 'live' we continue working with you to develop ideas to generate traffic to your website, and to ensure its ranking on Google remains high on specific key words and phrases for your industry type.


Digital news of the month.

Google Green Ads!

Not long ago Google changed the colour of their ads from yellow to green, you may remember the "Ads" symbol on the first couple of lines of results indicating an advertisement; yes that is what has been changed. You might ask "this is not a major change, why is it important?"

Now the ads are very similar to the organic search results, this means number of clicks on the ads can potentially increase. This comes a month after Google started to show more ads on top and bottom of the first search result page. One might say, Google is looking to make more money and help more business to be found through ads. Yet comparing to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, Google's green ads are easier to spot.

Google launched green ads first in USA and then in Europe, interestingly enough the results are showing some slight change in the click through rates (CTR) on the new design, maybe a good news to advertisers to get more traffic for their money after all. 

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