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Alexanders in Christchurch works with New Zealand companies to develop and market mobile applications (apps) in order to provide a new connection with consumers. We have experienced app developers, project managers, designers and marketers.

An app can be a powerful method of offering convenience and added value to your audience. You can be in your customer's pocket either offering great advice or making it an easy and fun way for them to order products/services. We work with experienced senior app developers with an established strong connection in Argentina. Why Argentina you ask? Well Roger, our senior app project manager used to live and work there; the team is very reliable and also cheaper for you (not as cheap as Phillipines or India, but proven, and cheaper than most NZ app developers on an hourly rate basis). 

It is clear we need to prepare for an app-dominated future with 80% of time spent on mobile devices spent using mobile apps. If you are looking for NZ app developers (Christchurch), or want to learn more about the benefits and feasibility of having and developing an app then please contact our team to discuss the merits of your idea.  Roger can give you some excellent advice on how viable your idea is to become an app, and the implications of various features on size and download time.


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Our App Development Team

What expertise do you have? We can design the detail, flow, style, programming and marketing (such as in a Fitness App we're in the middle of) or just one element. We also partner with app developers who are good at coding but want specialist app graphic design expertise to get a contemporary style. Our team recently styled a complicated sports form app used extensively overseas.


App projects manager: Roger Heale (BSc)

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As a Prosci Qualified change Manager, Roger has been successfully developing apps for the past 5 years with our team of Spanish/Argentinian app programmers whom he worked with when residing in Buenos Aires. He has developed apps for education, industry, health and fitness purposes. He previously worked in managing a data centre for a Standard & Poor’s company services software. 


App programmer: Nicolas Celico

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Our dedicated Senior App programmer Nico has over 10 years of mobile app and software developing experience. Before working with Alexanders, Nico worked with world class software developing team including Gameloft, Capital IQ, a Standard & Poor’s company and CME Group, a world leading derivative trading software platform in financial services from Buenos Aires.


App designer: Martin Rognoli

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Martin is a passionate and talented Art Director with a Graphic Design degree from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Martin aims to create something integrally unique for every project and his work is never static. While working with Alexanders as an app designer, Martin is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Buenos Aires.


The Paslode nail app

Paslode is a global brand, and the bee knees when it comes to nail guns for builders and fencing contractors. A challenge for builders is identifying the right nail for each job, because of the wide range of situations and applications. Alexanders helped Paslode create an app that tells the builder which nail is needed for each task and job site depending on the model of their nail gun, so they can specify the correct nail which works with their model when ordering from Placemakers etc.  We also included service centre advice. This was build for Android and Apple devices.

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 Simple yet classic first page    Userfriendly interface    A result oriented app

Scroll down on our home page to view the July 2016 Alexanders team video or talk to us about your vision for your app. We are happy to show you examples of recent app design.  See also our expertise in Online Marketing.

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